Boc's cabinet received the Parliament's vote of confidence with 276 votes for and 135 against. The government is made up of 15 ministers and one deputy PM. This is not a necessarily a moment of joy, but also a reminder of our responsibility and work, PM Emil Boc declared after the results of the vote.

9:00 AM: We come in good faith and are ready to do our work, PM Emil Boc declared

10:20 AM: The meeting starts late

10:28 AM: We started reforms which others did not have the courage to do in the last 20 years

10:40 AM: Social Democratic Parliament left the room

10:55 AM: Social Democrats will vote against the Government

11:30 AM: PM Emil Boc ended his discourse and started debates

13:45 PM: Voting started

A decisive day for the Romanian government, who is due to submit to the vote of the Parliament. The designated PM Emil Boc will present in front of the Parliament its governance program and needs 236 votes for his executive to pass.

The meeting started with a 50 minute delay after it was initially scheduled for 9:30 AM. The vote is secret but no surprises are expected considering that the proposed ministers were approved on Tuesday in the specialized Parliamentary committees.

Emil Boc's declarations:

  • I managed to maintain our country rating, the unemployment rating is lower than the EU average; the EU average is around 9.5% while Romania's unemployment average is estimated at around 7.5% by the end of the year
  • The national currency maintained its limits to the euro
  • I allocated 20% of the budget for investments and I finished 42 km of highway and many other projects started in Bucharest and other cities
  • I launched reforms which others did not have the courage to do
  • The electoral campaign ended and we have three years of government ahead of us, without elections; citizens are expecting politicians to behave normally and take appropriate decisions
  • I took over the PM's seat to do what Romanians are waiting
  • I managed to gather a Democrat Liberal - Hungarian Democrat majority and I can assure you that I will be a correct partner
  • I respect the Liberals and Social Democrats that chose to stay in the opposition
  • The government does not hold monopoly over the truth
  • I will have talks with the business and banking environment so that this measure can be adopted/ I saluted Antonescu's idea to reduce the unique tax
  • I believe in the Parliament's legislative initiatives and we do not have to hold monopoly over all initiatives
  • I consider that the proposal of the unions to set up a national pact for the creation of jobs; I believe in the partnership with the Church to resolve social issues


  • A stable government that will increase trust
  • The adoption of the 2010 state budget
  • The adoption of fiscal responsibility law and a reform of the pensions system
  • 2010  will be a tough year, but considering the economic measures taken in 2009, perspectives are a little better
  • We need to be aware that before we will get better, we will pass through difficult times

The main objectives of the governance program:

  • modernizing the state and revising the constitution - the central objective with which the President won these elections
  • ensuring a set of measures that will lead to the relaunch of the economy and the consolidation of an economic increase
  • We need to maintain the same VAT tax, use as many European funds as possible
  • We need to restructure some social programs started in 2009
  • We need to revise the pensions system to ensure sustainability
  • We need to restructure public administration
  • We need to support the business environment to facilitate access to the European structural funds
  • We need to set up a national program to build houses
  • We need to decentralize the public administration

Today's Parliamentary meeting will foresee:

  • The presentation of the governance program
  • The debates over the governance program
  • The Parliament's vote over the executive