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Boc's government received more votes than it hoped: where did the 36 votes come from?

de A.C.
Miercuri, 23 decembrie 2009, 21:21 English | Top News

Emil Boc's government obtained 36 more votes than the 240 votes it was counting on and most came from the Social Democrats despite the direct orders of the Social Democratic leader Mircea Geoana not to vote for the government, Parliamentary sources declared for

Overall, the government received 276 votes for and 135 against, of a total of 470 Parliamentarians. Democrat Liberals, Hungarian Democrats, Independents and minority representatives were all present at the vote. Nonetheless, there were 59 absentees among the Social Democrats and the Liberals.

The Liberals have 77 Parliamentarians but according to the Liberal deputy Ludovic Orban only three Parliamentarians did not cast a secret vote. He refused to disclose their names, but underlined that those Parliamentarians will be excluded from the party.

During Boc's discourse, Social Democratic Parliamentarians left the room, as they were called in a common meeting. There, the party's leader, Mircea Geoana urged them to leave the room when the Parliament will have to cast a vote but it seems that his request was not respected. 

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