"I have decided to withdraw from all the roles I have in the party", ex-Romanian president Ion Iliescu, PSD honorary president, declared on Tuesday, 16 February 2010. During an announcement made at the Romanian TV channel Antena 3, Iliescu said that he was redrawing because he's 80 and because he is preoccupied by what is happening inside PSD. "I keep the party membership, I remain attached to the Romanian left and I'm not indifferent to the PSD fate", Iliescu said.

Here are some of the most important statements Iliescu made:

  • There are two reasons why I'm redrawing. The first is connected with the statutory order; it was I who proposed to give up the honorary president role.
  • The second is practical: I wish to restrict my presence. The role of president of honour enabled me to take part in the Executive Committee meetings, the Permanent Office meetings etc.
  • My message for PSD members is that I'm turning 80 and I can’t do what I used to before, this activities demand my time.
  • One of the issues of the party has become my preoccupations.
  • I keep my party membership, I remain attached to the Romanian left, I'm not indifferent to PSD's fate.
  • I hope that PSD will note weaken its potential after this Congress. I can't see how my withdrawal would affect the party.
  • I have not been the party's engine for a long time; I hope to remain one of its symbols.
  • The essence of the discussions about the status risks transforming the party into a gathering of groups fighting for themselves.
  • I'm worried that this Congress will not be what we expect.
  • There is the proposal to choose teams, which is detrimental in itself.