Romania's Higher Court of Justice will decide today whether the appeal of Senator Voicu's lawyers against the court's decision to temporary arrest him, is grounded. The recourse is decided by the nine judges of the Higher Court.

UPDATE 3: Catalin Voicu's hearing ended, the court is about to give a decision. According to his lawyer, Voicu got sick during the hearings.

UPDATE 2: The court decided to remove judge Mona Pivniceru from the case, as she said that she is close with judge Florin Costiniu, who is also investigated in Voicu's case. She was replaced with judge Ionut Matei, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

UPDATE 1: Catalin Voicu arrived in an ambulance at the recourse, according to news television Realitatea TV.

Jilava Penitentiary spokesperson Daniela Popescu declared that Voicu's condition is stable and improved since he was admitted in the penitentiary hospital. The Senator was brought in on Tuesday after the doctor proposed he should be hospitalized.