The coffin carrying Poland's First Lady's body arrived in Poland today, April 13, following the tragic flight accident on Saturday in Russia, Polish public television informed. Her body was identified only on Monday, with the help of her wedding ring.

A private ceremony will be organised for the family and relatives. Her body will then rest in the presidential palace, alongside her husband, the international press reads.

The gates of the palace will be open to anyone who will want to pay the presidential couple a last tribute. The funeral will be held on Saturday, but the place has not been announced yet.

Meanwhile, Russian Health Minister announced that half of the bodies of the Polish officials who died in Smolensk have been identified. The 95 victims were part of the Polish political, military and economic elite, AFP reads.

The President's body has been recovered and brought back to Poland on Sunday, after having been identified by his brother, Jaroslaw. It was flown to Warsaw with a Polish military aircraft.

The President's body has been resting in the chapel from the presidential palace, where thousands of people waited for him to pay him a last homage.

Last night thousands of Polish people have laid flowers and lit candles at the presidential palace, mourning their president and the rest of the victims. Authorities announced official state ceremonies for all 95 dead officials for Saturday, AFP reads. The victim's families have flown to Russia to help identify the bodies. This includes DNA tests because many cannot be recognised.