The government initiated on Wednesday a project to revise the Constitution, aiming for a unicameral Parliament and limiting the number of Parliamentarians to 300, PM Emil Boc announced. The project will be submitted to the President, who will send the project to the Parliament for debate and vote.

According to the Romanian Constitution, a revise project of the fundamental law can be initiated by the President, at the proposal of the government, by a fourth of the number of Deputies and Senators or by 500,000 citizens with voting rights.

Here are the most important points of the project:

  • a unicameral Parliament, which will be named the House of Representatives
  • a maximum number of Parliamentarians of 300
  • in case of a referendum the Parliament will have to express its stand in maximum 30 days from the request of the President
  • the designated PM has 10 days to set up his Cabinet and the Parliament has 10 days to approve or reject the Cabinet
  • If the Parliament does not debate the proposal, the candidate will be considered rejected and the President will have no name another candidate
  • The President can be suspended with the vote of the majority of members but if the Constitutional Court does not consider that the President infringed the Constitution the procedure will cease