Gas market liberalization will be made at a steady pace starting this year, Romanian Economy Adriean Videanu declared. He said that if the market would allow it, liberalization would start immediately. Videanu said he supports liberalization of gas prices but before that, the premises need to be created in a commonly agreed time frame. When prompted whether Russia answers to the gas market rules, Videanu replied that it obviously does not.

Romanian authorities are compelled, according to the agreement with the European Commission to liberalize gas prices at the national level starting this year. Thus, prices need to be leveled with the imported gas prices. The only imports Romania makes are from Russia, where gas prices are double than those practiced by Romanian producers, Romgaz and Petrom.

Currently, gas prices in Romania are the lowest in Europe. Due to social pressures, the Romanian government ignored EU's pressures to liberalization. The government urged the European Commission to postpone liberalization because this might determine an increase of gas prices. Gas price liberalization was due January 1, 2009 after Romania received a 2 year extension.