Moldova's Interim President's visit to Romania was focused on very clear objectives, Romanian Ambassador to Chisinau declared. Moldova revives, Ambassador Lazurca declared in an interview to

He declared that pragmatism is what can briefly characterize the meeting. Ambassador Lazurca declared that there is every reason to estimate that Lazurca's visit can be considered a crucial moment to consolidate a new strategic partnership.

It concerns a declaration which opens the path to a plan of actions, approved by the PMs of the two countries. During this visit the agreement regarding the aid Romania will offer to Moldova was signed.

Romania's seriousness in treating his neighbours can be read in President's Basescu's engagement to pressure the government to seek solutions to the various problems existent between the two countries.

Ambassador Lazurca said that Moldova revives, referring to a pressure of hope, aspirations and needs. He underlined Moldova's need to join the EU and Romania's support for this aim.