The Senate approved on Wednesday, by 92 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstain the new law regulating the National Integrity Agency. The law is considered adopted after the Senate's vote. Debates over the normative act were postponed until the Constitutional Court's decision would be published in the Official Journal.

One of the most important amendments rules that politicians who incorrectly fill up their wealth or interest declarations will not be legally liable.

Senators decided to eliminate the amendment which foresaw the check up of union leaders by the agency - the motivation behind it was that union organizations are private organizations.

Another amendment introduced by Senators foresees the check up of County Council Presidents by the Agency.Plus, Senators adopted on Wednesday an amendment which reads that those who will run for a public seat will not have to submit their interest and wealth declarations before being elected.

President Basescu urged all political parties to adopt the draft law regarding the agency in 10 days. The Judicial Committee within the Chamber of Deputies amended the draft law. The report was debated and adopted in the Chamber on April 28.