PDL member Marcel Hoara has been attacked with stones and chased by several tens of people taking part in the rally from Piata Victoria. The politician was dragged out from the crowed by the local policemen and taken to the Museum of the Peasant, from where he was going to be escorted with a Local Police van, Mediafax informs.

The local police built a wall of bodies to get Marcel Hoara out of Piata Victoriei from a crowd of protesters. Around 30 young people cursed him, spitted on him and threw water at him.

Hoara ran away, alongside local police, when the protesters started to throw stones at him. Some of the protesters tried to pull Hoara towards them, being aggressive towards several community policemen.

The community police managed to see Hoata to the Museum of the Peasant, where a van was called to get him out.

The three young men who threw stones at Hoara have been caught by policemen dressed in civil clothes.

Since his arrival in Piata Victoriei, Marcel Hoara was cursed and threatened by several hundreds of protesters, who asked him to leave.

One of the protesters, dressed up as the Death, with a wooden scythe in his hand, shouted: "Hoara, come to me, Hoara!".

Marcel Hoara is president of the Romanian Agency for the Industrial Zones' Lasting Growth. He used to manage the National Agency for Mine Zones Development. Among the protesters there were also representatives of the Jiu Valley miners.