IMF director Dominique Strauss Kahn said that the IMF suggested Romanian authorities not to cut so much of the budgetary salaries, as a measure to limit deficit, RFI Romania reads. The IMF opted for an increase in taxes, especially for the rich. The decision, however, rests in the hands of the government, Strauss Kahn announced on Thursday night at a France 2 TV show.

Romania is in a difficult situation than we initially thought and we said that we will accept a higher deficit than agreet to sustain economic growth, he said. However, the situation got worse than expected Strauss Kahn underlined.

According to the IMF director, the Romanian government did not want to introduce higher taxes for the rich, and preferred to cut 25% of the budgetary salaries. Strauss Kahn reiterated that, after all, it is the decision of the government what measures to implement.