Several journalists were prevented by the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) officers to come near PM Emil Boc to request a declaration, Mediafax informs. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 15, when the Prime-Minister was about to enter the Parliament's Plenum, where the vote on the censorship motion was scheduled to take place.

SPP inserted a protection belt between the door of the Deputies' Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase's door, elevator and the entrance to the Parliament meeting hall. The belt was doubled by SPP officers.

When the PM arrived, the reporter of one television channel went below the belt, trying to come close to Emil Boc. He was retained by the SPP agents. The Parliament protection unit chief threatened the journalist: "If I had had the handcuffs on me, I would have arrested you!".

Several minutes after the incident, several journalists tried to pass below the separation belt to reach Boc and Anastase. One of the journalists was retained by SPP. In the fight, a SPP officer ripped off a journalist's T-shirt. On the scene, the PM told the officer: "Leave them alone!".

SPP sources declared that Emil Boc requested the protection belt.