Bucharest Sector 1 Court magistrates decided on Wednesday morning that Dan Diaconescu, one of the most well known TV persons from Romania, and Doru Parv, who claims to be clairvoyant, to remain under arrest for 29 days. They are accused of blackmail and complicity to blackmail, respectively. Their lawyers appealed for a recourse attacking the sentence and they will go to court in three days. The hearing started on Tuesday evening and continued on Wednesday morning, with the lawyers representing the two accusing judge Elena Zamfir of making her mind too soon regarding the accusations, that there was not sufficient time for her to study the file and for signing the search warrants for Dan Diaconescu. Their objections were overruled.

When entering the Court, Dan Diaconescu lifted up his hands for the several supporters to see his handcuffs. Around 30 people protested in front of the Court's building against the decision to retain the TV presenter and requested "the people's leader" to be set free. They kicked with their legs the police car that which transported the OTV channel owner Dan Diaconescu.

OTV private television owner Dan Diaconescu and TV producer Doru Parv were temporary arrested on Tuesday morning by anti graft prosecutors for 24 hours. They are both accused of blackmail and threats against a private individual. Parv was confronted with Diaconescu last night by anti graft prosecutors. At 1PM they will be presented in front of the judges with temporary arrest warrants.

They are accused of asking for 200,000 EUR bribe from Zarand town mayor, Ion Mot in exchange of not airing some materials against Mot.