Romanian President went to visit regions flooded by rivers on Friday, July 2. He asked residents of Patrauti village, who were left homeless by the foods, why they chose to build their houses on the river bed: "Good fellows, why did you built your houses here?", "How come you chose the river's bed for your house?".

Basescu told the unfortunate homeless that they will get other houses, but not in the same location. He asked all local authorities to suggest a place where they could build the houses without being threatened by future floods.

He advised the people to give up attempts to remove the mud from their destroyed houses and to get only their things: "The house will not remain here. Get it out o your head. The materials will be arriving and you will build it where you will be given space by the mayor", Basescu told them.

On the other hand, the President stated that the construction materials have already started to arrive, but he mentioned to the villagers that the state will not pay for their construction: "It's not the state that is building, the state provides materials. You will help each other. There are professionals in the village".

President Traian Basescu landed on Friday, around 2 pm, in Suceava (North-East). From here, he will head to the town of Patrauti to inspect the affected region. They he will got to the bridge in Dornesti, according to Agerpres.

49 houses from Patrauti have been seriously damaged by the floods from the past few days. Five of them were completely taken away by the river.

Around 4 pm, Traian Basescu is expected to go to Dorohoi (Botosani county, N-E) to see for himself the damages caused by the floods, Agerpres informs.