Military and religious ceremonies in the memory of the 12 victims of the air crash were organised in Tuzla on Wednesday morning in all military units in the country and the operation theatres. The two survivors are doing well, according to the Romanian Defence Ministry, news agency Mediafax informs.

The commemoration ceremony was organised by the Defence Ministry, with the participation of minister Gabriel Oprea and state secretary, Major State General chief Admiral Gheorghe Marin, military and civil staff from the institution’s central structures. After the national hymn, the Defence Ministry's order was read, addressing the commemoration of the militaries fallen during mission overseas, in operations theatres, in the fight against terrorism. During the ceremony, there was a moment of silence in the memory of the 12 who lost their lives in the air catastrophe in Tuzla and a religious service was performed.

The 12 Air and Navy Forces victims were also remembered in all the masses carried out today in all military units chapels and garrison. They soldiers lost their life during a training mission on Monday, in Tuzla (S-E Romania). Four militaries belonged to the Air Forces and eight, to the Navy.

The victims of the air crash are: colonel Nicolae Jianu ("Aurel Vlaicu" Air Forces Application School colonel) - he was 49, married with two children; lieutenant-colonel Catalin Vicentiu Antoche - 34, married, with one child; lieutenant Lavinia Guita - 26, single; military expert class I Razvan Ranghet - 43, married with two children; lieutenant Liviu Antim - 27, single; military expert class II Florin Claudiu Cismasu - 34, married with two children; military expert class II Catalin Radoi - 36, married with one child; military expert class III Badut Papuc - 29, single; frontrunner Constantin Vladut Sarman - 26 and single; frontrunner Marius Catalin Chioveanu - 22 and single, frontrunner Cosmin Furtuna - 28, single; and soldier Cosmin Florescu, 25, single.

Defence minister Gabriel Oprea and Admiral Gheorghe Marin visited the two survivors, hospitalised with the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, namely captain Daniel Baslanu and military expert Marius Nazare, the only two to survive the plane crash in Tuzla. Captain Daniel Baslanu was diagnosed with minor traumas and bruises, while military expert Marius Nazare was diagnosed with bruises, multiple traumas and burns covering 10% of his body. Their current health is good, the Defence Ministry notes in a press communiqué.