President Basescu attended on Wednesday at the government's meeting. He said that he took the liberty to make several remarks on several issues: the EC justice report, the restructure of the budgetary system, the support requested by the Republic of Moldova affected by floods. Regarding the EC report, Basescu said that he accepts 100% the technical part because it reflects the legislative situation but he rejects the political affirmations that claim that Romania does not act as a member state. Basescu talked about the need to integrate all legal rulings on the National Integrity Agency into one law. According to the President, the Parliament will meet mid-August.

At his turn, PM Boc declared that the EC report is technically correct, but unbalanced politically. He invited the President to take some time to discuss some national importance issues. The main subjects of the agenda: countering fiscal evasion, restructuring the budgetary apparatus and the absorption of EU funds.