Romania reaffirms that it does not change its position and does not acknowledge Kosovo's independence, even after the International Court of Justice ruled that its emancipation does not breach international law, a press release of the institution reads.

The ministry reiterates Romania's commitment to international law and it considers that it is a fundamental basis of international relations and foreign affairs. The ministry also expresses its utmost respect of the International Court of Justice, the UN's main judicial organ.

The press release reads that the ruling must be analysed thoroughly to correctly identify the reasoning that stood at the basis of the decision because the text has a complex character.

The press release explains however, that the court's decision, due to the way the question was formulated, could not tackle fundamental issues such as whether the independence proclamation lead or not to the legal creation of a state, or whether international law offers Kosovo the right to declare its indpendence or whether it has a right to cease.

The Court shows clearly that it cannot examine the applicability of the self determination right, the press release explains.