All rulings removed in the Senate from the draft law regulating the functioning of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), the institution in charge with checking the wealth of politicians need to be introduced back in the law, PM Boc declared on Tuesday.

Here are PM Boc's main declarations:

  • we support the normative act promoted by te government and adopted by the Chamber of Deputies
  • we believe that our version corresponds to the EC cooperation and monitoring mechanism 
  • we respectfully urge you to discuss this project and approve it as it passed in the Chamber of Deputies with the request to introduce those rullings removed in the Senate 
  • this regards Romania's interest and we need to have transparency in the way politicians make their wealth 
  • Romanians need to have full rights in the EU and as long as we have this cooperation mechanism, we will not have full rights 
  • We hope to see this law passed next month in the Parliament with the rulings it needs to have 
  • we need to do our duty towards the citizens first of all