Russian special services retained a Romanian spy, intercepted while he was trying to obtain secret information of military nature from a Russian citizen. In this context, the electronic publication Forum.msk reminds readers that a year and a half ago, relations between Russia and Romania have seen another espionage story. Thus, in March 2009, in Bucharest, a Bulgarian citizen and a Romanian officer were arrested. Romanian authorities estimated that the persons detained work for either the Russian secret services or for the Ukrainian ones. The investigation revealed that the agent was working in favor of Ukraine.

Commenting this information, the publication writes that the main enemies of Russia are not only the powerful countries like the US, Great Britain or Chine but also countries from the third world like Romania.

Generally, the fact that Romania gave up the communist ideology means that the country returned to its geopolitical missions which the country tried to resolve in the aliance with Germany and Italy during World World II. Romania became a capitalist country , it joined NATO and the EU but its ambitions are still similar to those it had back in 1942, the publication reads.

With the help of European justice, Romania annexed a part of Ukraine's territory (a part of Serpent's Island) where Russia used to have a military base. Romania does not hide its territorial claims over Ukraine. Romania does not hide its plans to annex a whole country, Moldova. Are there enough details to consider Romania an aggressive state? For the UN, this is not much, but for a country located in the same geopolitical region, it is impotant.

Romania appears a competitor of Russia on the weapons market and puts forward copied military techniques produced in Romania with or without a license. Take for example Romanian MIG planes, exposed internationally - it is possible that information sent for Grecu to have a military nature.

Russia's position towards Romania is naive and inconsistent. After all probabilities, Russia does not have an espionage activity in Romania while in Moldova, Romanian secret services promote such an activity openly.