The espionage scandals involving Romania appear periodically, Nezavisimaia gazta reads in an article about the case of the Romanian diplomat Gabriel Grecu, suspected of espionage and expelled from Russia. In the newspaper's opinion, the biggest case was the arrest, in Bucharest, on March 2, 2009 of a Bulgarian citizen and a Romanian officer, declared Ukrainian spies.

The former deputy of the military attache of the Bulgarian Embassy to Bucharest, Piotr Zikolov known sergean Florin Achim in 2001 who had a low level job within the Romanian Defense ministry and who had access to the institution's database. For the data he copied, Achim received between 800 to 1000 euro for each package. The sergeant admitted but the Bulgaria said that he was not dealing with espionage, but that he is a relativ of a Ukrainian civil servant who was interested to get military information from Romania. The two received 12.5 years of prison, each and the Ukrainian military attache and his deputy were expelled.

Regarding Romania's espionage activity, the main point of interest is Moldova. In 2008, in Moldova there was a scandal involving Mihai Contiu who admitted that he worked for 15 years of the Romanian espionage. He revealed his protectors and said that they send false information to Bucharest about Moldova, that have illegal businesses and financially support some Moldovan politicians and the mass media.

There were plenty of espionage scandals in the world this sumer. One of the most important was the arrest in the USA of 11 Russian agents and their exchange with 4 Russians spying in favor of the USA. The case involving Romanian spy in Russia revealed that Russians do not lag behind and are efficient, the publication reads.