President Basescu was invited on Wednesday night at a special edition at the national public television where he commented upon the most important political events of the last weeks. Basescu declared that Romania will have to loan 5.7 billion euro to cover the budgetary deficit but warns that at least 1.5 billion euro needs to be used for investments, to launch the economy and attract European funds. Basescu declared that the government's reshuffling was well timed and the PM Boc was warned but not changed. Basescu said he would like a Finance minister like Remes, efficient and oriented to solutions. Basescu said he will not give up the attempt to adopt a real uninominal system. Regarding the expulsion of gypsies from France and other EU states, Basscu said Romania bears its responsibility but the biggest responsibility lies at the gypsies: nobody stops them to educate their children instead of sending them to beggary. The Romanian state created all conditions necessary, Basescu said.

Here are the most important declarations

About the governmental reshuffling

  • the government needed to exit the inertia and I believe that the reshuffling was well timed and the new ministers are eager to get involved 
  • the talks in the party were beneficial: this is the party I know: a party where things are discussed transparently within the party 
  • It was well that the Prime Minister was warned, but not changed 
  • The party chose the new people, I stayed out of the decision process 
  • I can tell you that there are no groups in the party. There are those who are older in the party, others who are new and do not yet understand the party discipline 

About the budgetary deficit

  • We need to be grounded in reality and stop getting loans for consumption.
  • For 2011 we need to hve a 4.4 budgetary deficit, which means 5.7 billion euro 
  • there is a 2.4% GDP deficit to pensions which means 3.12 billion euro; there is a 0.5% deficit at the unemployment fund - 600 million euro and 1.5 billion euro debts to companies. 
  • The deficit at the pensions fund is a disaster for Romania 
  • I urged ministers to use at least 1.5 billion euro for investments to launch the economy 

About the Finance minister

  • I hope that Gheorghe Ialomitianu will manage to orientate the ministry to the real world, to be efficient and oriented to resolving problems, just like Remes was. 

About the Rroma repatriation

  • of the first 500 gypsies repatriated, none was a felon 
  • It is clear that our effort should be not to endanger our strategic partnership with France 
  • We cannot claim that the French are responsible, I do not agree with their policy but we also have a responsibility and the Rroma themselves have a responsibility. In a civilized Europe, each and everyone is responsible for its own faith. 
  • The Romanian state created all conditions for the Rroma to integrate. It is also their fault if they fail to do so.