The government managed to pass the law on the unique pensions system by 170 votes for, 2 against and 3 abstains. The law was voted by Democrat Liberal, Hungarian and Independent deputies while Social Democrats and Liberals left the Chamber as a protest to the fact that their amendment urging that the increase of 45% of pensions be voted by uninominal vote. To pass, the law needed 168 votes for.

Therefore, men and women will retire at 65 yeards old, starting 2030 after a minimum stage of offering social contributions for 15 years like the pensions law already adpted by the government and the senate reads. Deputies rejected on Wednesday night an amendment to the pensions law sustained by the Liberals and Social Democrats that ruled a retirement age for women of 63 and for men of 65, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

Political sources declared for that the Hungarian Democrats asked, on Tuesday, that members of the coalition should sustain a retirement age of 63 for women.

Other amendments adopted

  • deputies eliminated special pensions for police officers and military personnel
  • deputies rejected the amendment submitted by the Social Democrats and Conservatives regarding the integration of police officers and military personnel in a special system 
  • the pensions law sees that those with copyright contracts will be introduced in the system
  • men and women will both retire at the age of 65 starting 2030 
  • those who live in polluted areas will retire two years earlier