Irish John McCarthy is fifty years old and owns, starting this year, restaurant Malagamba in Bucharest's old center. In an interview for correspondent Cristian Roman he talks about his business experience in Romania.

In his opinion, the problems he deals with in Bucharest need to be constantly made public until the situation improves. Supplier companies, in his opinion, have also problems because of their lack of consistency.

John admitted that he had to struggle a lot to open a restaurant in Bucharest, including his struggle with the bureaucratic system. He explains that corruption is huge and increased considerably his costs.

In his opinion, the government is oriented against the business due to their policies. Even if after months of struggle and money he managed to open the restaurant, John says that he is often times controlled by local authorities which would be qualified as harassing in Ireland because they demand impossible things sometimes and they even threat him.

Nonetheless, he believes that Romania is wonderful and people are extraordinary.