President Traian Basescu declared on Wednesday, in an interview for Radio Romania Actualitati that the decision of PSD deputies to leave the Parliament when the law on pensions was on the agenda reveals that there was a deal between the governing PDL party and them. However, Basescu refused to make any comments on the topic.

Here are his most important declarations:

  • Such gestures to leave the Parliament during sessions are specific to parties that want to manifest themselves  at a certain time. 
  • The President cannot interfere with the Parliament, it is the craddle of democracy and the Parliament has to make order for itself 
  • The Constitutional Court is the only one to assess the constitutionality of a law but I doubt that any court will pronounce on the vote each Parliamentarian gives. 
  • If I listen to Ponta, there were no enough Parliamentarians to vote, if I listen to Roberta Anastase, the PSD demanded money to betray the retired 
  • When you want something, you struggle and debate for it in the Parliament 
  • The fact that PSD left the Parliament confirms, in a way that they demanded money 
  • It is not correct to leave the Parliament when the law on pensions is voted and then scream that their rights are not protected. Why didn't they protect it?