Most newspapers on Friday read about the possible suspension of the President, announced by the Social Democratic leader Victor Ponta as a response to President Basescu's attack against him. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads about a small legislative modification that transforms the suspension of the President in a mission impossible. Last but not least read about the Romanian hacker that scared eBay.

Most newspapers on Friday read about a second possible action from the Liberals and Social Democrats to suspend the President. Romania libera reads that the two political leaders attacked harshly by Basescu, Ponta and Antonescu decided to launch the suspension procedure.

However, if political parties plan to suspend the President, they need a majority in the Parliament, which is not easily obtained. The Liberals would join in, but they are not so decided - they seem to expect to get rid of the Boc government first.

Not even all Social Democrats are enthusiastic about Ponta's decision announced yesterday. Former PM Nastase said that Ponta's message guarantees that the PSD did not forge a deal with PDL, as Basescu claims.

Iliescu, former leader of the Party and President said that there has to be a way to get early elections but a suspension is not the option.

In order to be suspended, at least a third of the total number of Parliamentarians must vote for it. After hearing out the President, Senators and Deputies decide whether there are sufficient data to alert the Constitutional Court.

The decision is taking with a majority of votes, 236 votes and the approval of the Court is just consultative.

In the same vein, Gandul reads about the small legislative modification that makes the action to suspend him a mission impossible. A modification to the functioning law of the Constitutional Court gives the judges right to decide over the Parliament's decision.

The action to suspend the President might be decided by the Constitutional Court without a referendum, based on some exceptions introduced in the law that rules that trials cannot be suspended if exceptional unconstitutionality reasons are raised.

Thus a modification gives the Court the right to decide over the functioning rules of the Parliament and laws and on the decisions of the two Chambers even if so far, the Parliament overruled it.

A decision of the Parliament to suspend the President will be attacked at the Constitutional Court, where, in theory, Basescu has majority. After a decision, a referendum will not be needed since the Parliament is compelled to accept the decision of the Court.

Romania libera reads about te Romanian hacker who gained 3 million dollars out of the eBay website, the online auction website. Liviu Mihail Concioiu, aged 21 haunted its victims with nicknames like "wefraud".

The last prejudice against the website was brought by Liviu Concioiu who managed to gain 3 million dollars. The Romanian is now investigated by anti graft prosecutors for several phishing attacks over thousands of employees.

Over 1,521 employees working for eBay where the favorite victims of Romanian hackers. Liviu and other three friends informed employees that they will lose their job due to the crisis. The employer had a chance to receive a recommendation where they had to fill up their personal data, which Liviu and the others used.