61% of the Romanians consider Communism a good idea, compared to 53%, four years ago, a survey made in collaboration with the institute investigating Communist crimes. Half of te population said that before the Revolution, life was better while only 23% consider that it was worse. According to the results, the percentage of Romanians who claim that Ceausescu had a positive influence in Romania - 25% is higher than those who consider that he had a negative impact - 15%.

Here are some of the most important perceptions:

  • 61% of the Romanians consider Communism a good idea 
  • currently, 14% consider Communism a well implemented idea, 47% a mis-applied idea and 27% a bad idea while in 2009 12% considered Comunism a well implemented idea, 41% a good idea but wrongly applied and 34% a bad idea. 
  • favorable aspects of Communism: job security, decent living, equality between individuals, a better system, in general 
  • unfavorable aspects: lack of liberty, dictatorship, a wrong system alltogether, the feeling of fear, of terror, poverty, lack of food and other products