Democrat Liberals, Hungarian Democrats, Independents and national minority representatives attended on Monday afternoon, consultations at Cotroceni with the President. Democrat Liberals, Hungarian Democrats and minority representatives announced that they stand for a lower retirement age for women, at 63 instead of 65 as proposed by the government. UNPR representatives did not make any declarations after the meeting.

PM Emil Boc

  • The Democrat Liberal party upholds that adoption of the most important normative acts like the law on education, the law on pensions and the law on unitary scheme salaries. We urge the Parliament to re-examine the law on pensions urgently to promote it rapidly. 
  • We need to act responsibly with the law on education and the unique salary scheme law and the government even considers to assume responsibility for them in the government. 
  • we talked about the EU absorption issue - ministries should get involved more, to see that more EU funds are accessed 
  • the governing coalition will reunite on Monday to talk these themes 

Marko Bela, Hungarian Democratic Party leader (UDMR)

  • The law on education should be adopted as soon as possible, we have a one year delay already and reform cannot be implemented during the school year 
  • we had debates, there is a draft voted in the Chamber of Deputies, we can find a coherent draft for which the government can take responsibility 
  • we agree to decrease the retirement age for women at 63 

Varujan Pambuccian, President of the minority group in the Parliament

  • we agree to decrease the retirement age for women from 65 to 63 
  • we proposed to create a structure withing the Prime Ministry chancellery to deal with EU funds to improve efficiency 
  • there is corruption in this sector which is made obvious by the low absorption rate of 2%