​For the first time in the last 20 years, the number of Romanians in Italy registered a low decrease, at about 900,000. The latest statistical data presented on Wednesday in the Caritas Migrantes report reveals that in Italy there are officially 887,763 Romanians even though the etimate is about 1 million people.

Earlier this year, Caritas estimated about 1,200,000 Romanians starting by the data offered by the Italian Statistics Institute of 953,000 conationals officially registered. The report presented shows that Romanians, contrary to the stereotypes, make up one of the peaceful comunities, with an index of penal complaints lower than the national average.

Romanians remain the biggest community of immigrants in Italy, outclassing the Albanians and Moroccans with each around 450,000 representatives.

However, only 2,032 Romanians became Italian citizens in 2009, which places Romanians on the third place if we are to take into account the number of citizenships offered, after the Albanians and Moroccans.

Another fundamental aspect analyzed by the Caritas file is the relevance of Romanians in Italy's economic development. In 2009, despite the economic crisis, there was an increase in the number of companies opened by Romanians.

The number of entrepreneurs increased by 15% compared to last year, reaching a total of 32,452, on second place after the Marroccan community. Most companies are in the constructions and service sectors.

The report concludes that there is no direct corelation between the presence of foreigners and the increase in the number of penal complaints.