The Parliament is blocked: the Senate suspended on Tuesday the debate on the law on pensions and deputies did not manage to debate any project for three hours. Representatives of the governing party have a real problem when it comes to parliamentary majority and the passing of anti-crisis prijects. Their lack of interest or even presence, the dissatisfaction related to the measures adopted by the executive and the bad communication with coalition partners generate a legislative chaos in the Parliament. On top of everything, the opposition speculate the parliamentary blockage and boycott meetings in the Parliament.

Leaders of the Democrat Liberals cannot mobilize its own Parliamentarians. In the same time, President Basescu declared for the public television that for him, the majority is essential irrespective of the political colour. The President underlined that the country needs a majority to act responsibly for the country.

For over a month, the activity of the Parliament resume only to law projects that adopt themselves without too much work. The only moments when the parliamentarians worked were at the debates on the motion of censure and when the government took responsibility in the Parliament.

According to the official calendar, the Parliamentarians have two meetings a day and their activity in the specialized committees. In the last months, the parliament's meeting were suspended due to lack of quorum and the activities of the committees functioned with the minimum number of present parliamentarians.

Currently, there are about 200 draft laws in the Chamber of Deputies that are blocked.