President Traian Basescu addressed the Parliament on Tuesday, on internal affairs issues. The Opposition did not attend the meeting. The President proposed a moratorium that would unlock the activity in the Parliament because the government and the legislative need to take definitive measures in the next 45 days to respect the requirements of the WB/IMF/EC. The scope of the moratorium is to maintain foreign credibility and exit the crisis, the President said.

Here are his declarations

  • I find myself in the position to appeal, once again, to the responsibility of the political parties in the Parliament 

  • Romania can end the agreement with the IMF succesfully which would mean that it ended the crisis

  • all political parties need to acknowledge that Romania cannot spend more than it produces 

  • the reconstruction of economic credibility would be positie because Romania might attact foreign investments 

  • the condition is for the government and the legislative to adopt the measures imposed by the IMF, the World Bank and the European Commissin on the short term 

  • for the next 30-45 days Romania needs a continous action in the interest of the nation 

  • the main objectives: to adopt the unique salary scheme law, to adopt the law on pensions, to adopt the law on 2011 budget, to maintain a maximum deficit of 4.4%, to prioritize investments already started 

  • ordinance 50/2010 need to protect the rights of the clients and increase transparency, ensuring equilibrium with the need of stability of the banking system

  • we need a predictable fiscal system 

  • these are essential conditions for Romania to be able to end successfully the agreement with the IMF 

  • if the agreement is ended successfully, ROmania can regain credibility in the international market and could become attractive for FDI 

  • the end of the agreemet could mean the start of the crisis's end 

  • Romania can move towards a better future or towards a worse one, the decision is in your hands 

  • the laws need to be passed in 30 - 45 days 

  • a moratorium that sees to unlock the activity in the two chambers is the only solution on a short term 

  • any delay is against us 

  • the government and political parties can improve conditions that would pull Romania back to normal