The ruling party, PDL, sustained by coalition members managed to bring modifications to the internal regulations in the Chamber of Deputies, in an attempt to unlock laws pending to be passed urgently at the request of the IMF/WB/EC. However, modifications need to be passed in the Chamber.

The amendment allows the ruling coalition to allow the permanent office of the Chamber to conduct its activity without the need of the Opposition's presence. However, if the opposition is present, they have majority in the permanent office and can block the government's projects.

The first modifiction rules that all materials on the daily agenda can be approved or rejected with the majority of votes from those present. The opposition has seven members in the permanent office while the ruling party has only six members.

The opposition declared that they will attack the modification at the Constitutional Court as they claim that it breaches it.

The second modification sets the deadlines for the reports submitted for draft laws. Starting with this modification, all reports must be submitted within 14 days. Before this modification, there was no clear term for their submition.

The third amendment adopted by the commitees sees that the Chamber's Speaker is obliged to call the permanent office to meet at least once a week, on Wednesday.