I laid off state secretary Dan Fatuloiu and general inspector Petre Toba and chief commissioner Ioan Dascalu will replace Fatuloiu and police quaestor Liviu Popa will replace Toba, Interior minister Traian Igas declared in a press conference. He added that police chief Aurelian Soric submitted his resignation which was accepted by the ministry. Soric was replaced by Manole Dorel, the minister said.

Here are his declarations

  • Following investigations of the events in Piatra Neamt, the ministry decided to request the resignation of state secretary Dan Fatuloiu and general inspector Petre Toba 
  • the decision was approved by the Prime Minister 
  • the events affected the image of the police severely and I am expecting all those who said will resign if Soric is dismissed to keep their word

Ioan Dascalu, the new state secretary in the Interior ministry

  • Until today, I was an internal affairs attache in Great Britain 
  • I am honored of the position I was offered and I am well aware of the responsibility of this job 
  • on the short term, I plan to increase citizens' trust in the ministry and improve and efficientize the activity of the ministry 
  • I plan to reform, restructure and reorganize the Interior ministry 

Liviu Popa, the new general inspector

  • There is always a time in life when one has to confirm the trust others entrusted you with 
  • I am confident that I can offer the public the public service it needs since I know there are quality, professional people 

Manole Dorel, new police chief in Neamt

  • I plan to continue the fight against corruption which my colleagues started