I doubt there is somebody doubting Romania's capacity to reimbrse public debt, National Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu declared. He underlined that the biggest increase since 2000 was reigstered in the private foreign debt sector. Isarescu added that the foreign currency reserve of the central bank exceeds demand.

Here are his main declarations

  • Romania's net debt is 55 billion euro and 9 billion of the debt pertains to the central bank 

  • the IMF money went also in the decrease of minimum mandatory reserves 

  • the international reserve increased by 8 billion euro since the begining of the crisis 

  • Romania's international reserve amounts to 3.3 billion euro. About 11 billion will be the country's money

  • The public debt on the short term is small 

  • The real sector, 9.9 billion euro short term debt 

  • 50% of Romania's active population took up credits from banks - 4.5 million people and it is not just about real estate credits