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2010 Elections in Republic of Moldova 

UPDATE Communists are the winners of the elections in Republic of Moldova after counting 92.4% of the votes / Publika TV exit poll was invalidated 

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Luni, 29 noiembrie 2010, 10:47 English | Top News

After counting 92.4% of the valid expressed votes at the elections in Republic of Moldova, Communists, PCRM party received 41.3%. Other three parties with chances to meet the threshold: PLDM lead by Filat with 28.16%, PDM lead by Lupu with 13.11% and PL lead by Ghimpu with 8.9% according to Official partial results contradict the exit poll released by Publika TV that estimated that the winner is Filat's party, PLDM. 

Here are the results of the countings released throughout the night 

9 AM After counting 92.4% of the valid expressed votes, PCRM obtained 41.13%, PLDM 28.16%, PDM 13.11%, PL 8.91% according to This means that the Communists will have 44 mandates, PLDM 31 mandates and PDM 15 mandates and PL 11 mandates. 

Turnout was 59.10%, preliminary data shows. 

8 AM Of the 91.1% votes processed, results reveal that PCRM 41.2%, PLDM - 28,0%, PDM - 13,2%, PL - 8,8%, AMN - 2,1%.

7:00 AM After counting 89.6% of the votes PCRM obtained 41,2%, PLDM - 28,1%, PDM - 13,3%, PL - 8,6% AMN - 2,1%, MAE - 1,3%, reads.

6:00 AM Partial results reveal that PCRM received 41.17% of the votes, PLDM 6.08%, PDM 13.38% and PL 8.3%. 

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