According to sources on the market, the National Post Office Company was fined by the Competition Council with over 24 million euro representing 7.2% of its business profits. The accusation was brought by an abuse of its leading position on the market.

The investigation was opened four years ago.

UPDATE According to sources, the Competition Council was compelled through a court's decision to take a decision in the investigation against the Romanian National Post Office Company by the end of the year. The court's ruling was obtained by one of the companies that complained to the Council.

The first complaint against the Post Office was made as early as 2005 against an arbitrary raise of prices. There were several other complaints related to other arbitrary increase of tariffs for several services.

The Competition Council launched a new investigation regarding a possibile breach of national and communitary competition rules through its policy to offer tariffs cuts for supplying standard postal services, a press release of the institution informs.