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​Romanian member of the Anonymous activist group: in Romania there is the possibility to organize some Wikileaks actions 

de A.C.
Vineri, 17 decembrie 2010, 12:20 English | Top News

The Anonymous group, which crashed the Visa and Mastercard websites on December 8, 2010 as a sign of protesc against the arrest of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder. The media describes them as a group of hackers but they define themselves as an usual group of citizens of the digital world, concerned to protect the fundamental rights and liberties. The person interviewed claims that he is not the only Romanian involved in this movement but he is the first who accepts to answer some questions. We note that started a series of check ups regarding the involvement in the Anonymous group, and information obtain confirm that such an involvement is very probable.

The interviewee describes the movement as an international activism group formed on the internet by members who militate against abuses and attacks against liberty of expression. He says they are not hackers because their actions are not reduced to hacker actions but they act through any means, online and offline in a series of independent operations to protect civil liberties. 
He explains that Anonymous is an idea than a group and all members are anonymous because the ideas and the motivation transcend the people. The anonymity offers members the force to concentrate on the action. 

He refused to confirm or infirm that he personally took part in the Payback operation but said that most members are part of it or were part of it. When prompted whether he is the only Romanian involved he said that the group has thousands of anonymous persons and no one is interested where each and everyone comes from. 

However, he said that Romanians are well represented in the movement through the effective action of some. He says that all the members are well aware of the legal implications of their actions, such as when they attack Visa or Mastercard websites. 
Nonetheless, the interviewee says that the movement cannot be stopped, there are many people who join and the movement is very big. He reveals that the movement has no classic structure. Decisions are taken by open vote and actions are coordinated in a series of operations. 

The anonymous interviewee underlined that he expressed his own opinions and they should not be associated with any person or organization whastoever.

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