Leaders of unions and patronages requested on Tuesday the resignation of the Labour minister, Ioan Botis dissatisfied for the way negotiations took place on the labour code. The minister blocked any resolution on talks over the labor code, ALFA Cartel President Bogdan Hossu declared.

Unions call for a meeting with PM Boc and mediation from the President. Hossu warned that if the social partners will not be taken into account, they can make use of violence on the streets, just like in Greece. OM Boc announced his plans to meet them at 5PM.

Hossu complained that minister Botis does not take into account his social partners and that he will call for his resignation to the Prime Minister. Unions and patronages negotiated with minister Botis over the labour code. Botis declared after the meeting that he reached an agreement with a part of the patronages and that the labour code will be ready by January 21st.