Bucharest Court decided on Tuesday to postpone, for February 15 a new trial term in the file in which businessman and media mogul Vantu is accused of favoring fugitive Nicolae Popa. The reason was that the judge requested further information about a document submitted by Vantu’s lawyers, reading that the Austrian cardiologist Thomas Bruner diagnosed Vantu’s knee cap fracture.

Vantu was not present on Tuesday as he was hospitalized since Monday, twenty four hours before, at the Bucharest Emergency Hospital. Vantu declared that he had to return to hospital for futher investigations after last week he fractured his knee cap. Vantu’s lawyers submitted on Tuesday several medical documents including a document from an Austrian cardiologist Bruner who operated Vantu in 2007.

The judge discovered however, that on Tuesday, Bruner diagnosed Vantu’s knee cap and decided to postpone the trial to receive more information on this issue.