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Next IMF agreement will target the flexibility of the labour market. Labour Code might include a stipulation through which employees could lay off personnel on efficiency grounds

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 februarie 2011, 17:58 English | Top News

The next agreement with the IMF will focus on reforms that would accelerate Romania’s growth potential: special attention will be given to the flexibility of the labour market, EU funds absorption and orienting money towards investments, sources close to negotiations declared for The state’s debts to the private sector will also be considered together with the privatization of some state companies but these talks relate to the budgetary deficit, the source declared.  

According to them, the IMF might impose a stipulation in the labour code, through which the employee will be able to lay off personnel on efficiency grounds. If a company has no business, no demand, then it can legally lay off personnel without other scandals.

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