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Egypt protests’ impact on Romanian tourism agencies: possible losses of 12.5 million euro 

de A.C.
Vineri, 4 februarie 2011, 18:34 English | Top News

The impact of Egypt’s protests is very high for Romanian tourism agencies. Compared to Tunis, which was a decreasing market in the last three years, Egypt was an increasing market, tourism consultant Traian Badulescu concludes in an analysis for on the impact of Egypt protests on tourist operators in Romania.  

So far, since holidays, there were over 2000 Romanian tourists in Egypt. If the situation would stabilize soon, affecting only the end of January and February, it would mean that about 1500 Romanian tourists will not leave. Overall, on the whole year, agencies would lose 12.5 million euro if all air liners to Egypt would be canceled.  

Currently there are a few individual tourists in Egypt who chose to stay to see their package end but they are not in Cairo. Charter planes were suspended until the situation is resolved and only Tez Tour conducts charter lines twice a week. One to Sharm El Sheikh and one to Hurghada.

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