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PM Emil Boc: we will request EU to lift the VAT registration limit to 50,000 euro

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Luni, 7 februarie 2011, 19:48 English | Top News

​We will introduce a simplified taxing system for small contributors and request the EU to lift the VAT registration limit to 50,000 euro from 35,000 euro, PM Emil Boc announced in a press conference on Monday. 

PM Boc’s statements 

  • The government successfully ended the IMF/ EC/ WB agreement  
  • The objective of the agreement was to ensure the macro stability in the context of the economic crisis. 
  • We have reached our objective If Romania would have continued in 2009 and 2010 the policies and deficits from 2008, it would have collapsed 
  • To avoid it, we needed tough but correct measures to limit spending and deficits 
  • We managed to avoid economic derails 

    About the new agreement 
  • The new IMF/ EC/ WB agreement is for 2 years and will be precautionary  
  • We do not access the money but if we will need it, we will have them at our disposal  
  • The objective of the new agreement is economic growth. 
  • The new agreement stands to this scope 

    Fiscal policies 
  • We estimate for 2011 an economic growth of 1.5 – 2% and for 2012, 3%  
  • The 4.4% deficit target for 2011 and 3% for 2012  
  • We will implement a simplified taxing system for small contributors. 
  • We will request EU to modify the VAT registration limit from 35,000 euro to 50,000 euro  
  • The government will continue to restructure the health sector to ensure the well functioning of the system State companies will either be privatized or closed.
  •  By the end of June we will have a clear idea what will happen to each company. 
  • We do not plan to privatize CEC nor sell our majority pack at Hidroelectrica, Transgaz or Romgaz By September, we will make up a calendar to eliminate regulated prices for energy and gas. 
  • The calendar will be implemented from 2013 – 2015
  • The aim of the future agreement is economic growth and economic consolidation of the country
  •  I thank all Romanians who understood the need of reform

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