Social Democratic Party (PSD) deputy Robert Negoita has claimed that representatives of Romanian fiscal authority ANAF demanded him bribes amounting to 500,000 euro to prevent fiscal controls on his real estate businesses. He told Antena 3 news channel that persons contacted him to "suggest" that he pay the money to be left alone.

He said he did not pay the amount and so an "abusive control" "in breach with any rule or regulation" followed. As a result, his access to certain properties and accounts was blocked, Negoita told Antena 3.

He did not name or mention the function of the person who claimed bribe and said he would have to consult his legal representative first.

In September 2009 ANAF launched a control on real estate transactions involving Robert Negoita during 2006-2008 to see whether VAT had to be paid in those operations. Following the checks, ANAF considered Negoita held a debt amounting to some 28 million euro to the state budget.

The PSD deputy is currently summoned as a witness in a case of prostitution involving underaged girls.