Former Romanian minister Vasile Blaga on Wednesday defended himself against suspicion of involvement in customs corruption by saying that he has never proposed to head a customs office. But Blaga said in an interview with local newspaper Puterea in early February that he was the one to propose a president of the National Customs Authority, Radu Marginean, in 2009. Marginean is under investigation in a corruption case at Halmeu Border point and was dismissed by PM Emil Boc in February this year.

Later on Wendesday, one of Blaga's aides said that in his press statement today he meant he never proposed any customs head at local level and that Blaga stood by his February statements.

The dispute comes as major anti-corruption raids have been taking place at Romania's customs points with inquiries trying to establish who heads the graft system in the sector.

The head of a customs officers' trade union Prolex, Vasile Lincu, has tried to imply these days that the corruption at the National Customs Authority and the naming of top officials there were linked to former minister Vasile Blaga.