A new 6.2 Richter scale quake shook Japan, according to the American Geophysics Institute on Monday shortly after 10 AM local time in less than three days away from the 8.9 quake, AFP informs. The epicentre of the new powerful quake was felt in Tokyo and was located 150 km North East of Tokyo, 18 km below the Pacific.

UPDATE 10Japanese news agency Jiji News, quoted by Reuters reported that the level of the water that is supposed to cool down the reactor dropped so much at the reactor 2 of Fukushima that the uranium bars within the reactor are partially exposed.

UPDATE 9 The radioactivity level at the Onagawa nuclear plant in Japan is back to normal, after a nuclear emergency alert issued on Sunday.

UPDATE 8 Reactor 3 of the nuclear plant at Fukushima where there were two explosions on Monday did not affect the reactor but affected only the roof of the container, Japanese authorities informed, quoted by France Presse. The sever persons missing were found and six of them are injured, Jiji news agency reports saying that overall 9 persons were injured. Previously, information read that 3 people were injured.

The death toll increases. About 2000 bodies were found Monday on two beaches in Miyagi, one of the most affected areas.

UPDATE 7 Three workers at the Reactor 3 of the nuclear plant at Fukushima were injured and 7 are missing. The Japanese nuclear safety agency explained that the explosions were caused by a hydrogen accumulation. On the other hand, a spokesperson of the Japanese executive said that there is no risk of contamination and that a radiation leak is weak.

UPDATE 6 The tsunami alert was lifted, AFP informs.

UPDATE 5 The control room of the reactor 3 is intact, Kyodo news agency informs, reporting that about 500 people on a 20 km radius will be evacuated.

UPDATE 4 The possibility of a radioactive spill is very weak, after the explosions at the reactor 3 of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

UPDATE 3 The level of the sea dropped by five meters, confirming the possibility of a tsunami, NHK television reports, quoted by AFP.

UPDATE 2 Two hydrogen explosions took place on Monday at the reactor 3 of the Fukushima plant according to Tokyo Electric Power operator, AFP reads UPDATE 1 Authorities issued a tsunami alert of the same region devastated by the quake on Friday, Reuters informs. Officials say that waves could reach 3 meters high and thus warned the North East of the country.

The level of the radiations at the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant exceeded again the legal limit. Japanese PM said that the situation remains serious but authorities are doing everything in their power to contain it. Japanese meteorological agency warned on Sunday about a high risk of powerful aftershocks with up to 7 Richter scale up to Wednesday morning with a 70% probability, AFP informs.

The death toll of the quake in Japan so far amounts to 1,500 deaths confirmed, 46,000 buildings affected and 310,000 people evacuated from the North East of the country.