President Traian Basescu declared in a special edition talk show, at the national public television, TVR, that he endorses Emil Boc as President of the Party because he is “honest, untouched by a corruption scandal and won all elections he has been involved in so far” adding that he is disappointed that his counter candidate Vasile Blaga stole the start in these elections causing disputes in the party instead of focusing on the governing act.

The President also touched upon the proposals for the modification of the Romanian Constitution, saying that the Democratic Liberal Party does not have the majority to pass the modifications alone but says that if a negotiated solution with opposition parties will be reached, he is willing to promote it even if this involves cutting his own mandate to four years.

About the scandal at Romania’s customs, the President says that the political is not involved and that the collection of money was made through union leaders. He took the opportunity to say that Vasile Blaga is not involved in the scandal and that he is submitted to an intoxication campaign.

About the motion of censure against the government

  • I need to consult with the Democratic Liberal Party as they are the ruling party and they have the main ministries and the PM position  

  • There were no talks about the PM position, we talked about the motion which I feel that the party is taking it too relaxed I think that nothing can happen, but I urged them to be responsible because the new labour code needs to pass in the Parliament 

About Emil Boc:

  • The Democratic Liberal Party gained the biggest electoral successes, even bigger than I managed to bring for the party 

About the reformers in the party

  • They need to grow and get involved in the party. 

  • They did not have tact and they are naïve people who want to do something for the party but they do not know how to do it 

About the proposals to modify the Constitution

  • It is good to have Parliamentary and Presidential elections in the same time  
  • PDL cannot pass on its own the modifications to the Constitution. If a negotiation solution is reached with the opposition, I am willing to promote it  
  • The imposition of a maximum 3% deficit in the Constitution would discipline the political class.