Tarom and Airbus companies, together with a consortium of partners will develop a production and processing network of sustainable biofuel for air transport whose center will be in Romania, a press release of the airline giant reads. Airbus does not offer any details regarding the value of the investment.

The project’s main objective is to obtain biofuel from camelina a plant used in the industry for its seeds reach in oil to replace fuel currently used in air transports. The management part of the project will be ensured by a nongovernmental organization from Romania whose name was not revealed yet and Airbus will implement the project.

According to the press release, Tarom will lead the consortium that is composed of Honeywell’s UOP, CCS and Airbus. Airbus will support the process of authorizations for the biofuel and will coordinate the evaluation of effects of the fuel on the functioning systems of the airplanes.