Black smoke is seen on Wednesday above reactor 3 of the Fukushima nuclear plant. The Japanese company operating the plant, TEPCO announced that the personnel’s evacuation is necessary. The control room of reactor 3 was partially restarted on Tuesday night with an external plug that allowed electricity in the reactor.

UPDATE 10:50 AM The level of radiations at Fukushima plant was of 435 msv, two hours before the black smoke but it dropped to 283,7 msv after the smoke, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency informed, quoted y Reuters. Both levels are unusually high compared to the evolutions in the last days.

UPDATE 10:15 AM TEPCO announced that personnel at reactor 4 are also evacuated. The company said it did not see fire and refused to offer any other information.

UPDATE 9:45 AM TEPCO does not know where the smoke is coming from, Japanese Kyodo agency reads. TEPCO representatives said that reactor 3 is the most damaged and is loaded with harmful substances.