Japanese technicians managed to repair the electric network at reactor 1, for now assuring that there is light in the reactor. The announcement was made by the Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency quoted by France Presse. However, steam and smoke started to show at four reactors on Thursday. Intervention teams returned to the reactors on Thursday morning after they were evacuated because radiation levels did not increase.

UPDATEThree employees at reactor 3 were irradiated and two are hospitalized, the National Nuclear Safety Agency announced on Thursday. The two workers were exposed to radiation levels between 170 msv and 180 msv while working at the reactor.

The most serious situation is at reactor 3 that is still cooled down with sea water. The plant has six reactors whose electric energy was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 which caused the cooling systems to be shut down and triggered a series of radioactive leaks. 12 days after the tsunami and quake that devastated the East Coast of Japan, causing the death and missing of 24,000 people of which 9452 deaths are already confirmed, Japanese authorities do not seem to be able to resolve the nuclear threat.