Romanian Social Democratic (PSD) deputy Georgian Pop is quoted in a US Embassy cable from 2008 as saying that many "greedy and stupid" people within his party may be led by an association with Democratic Liberals to not resist temptation and resume corrupt habits. A Romanian-language report on the Wikileaks cable was published by on Sunday. It shows that Pop has admitted to a special burden of the PSD regarding corruption and identifies former PM and influential PSD official Adrian Nastase in this respect.

In a talk on December 12 with Embassy officials of the US Embassy to Bucharest, PSD deputy Georgian Pop talked about the plans PDL and PSD to form a new coalition government following the elections.

The cable quoted by reads that Pop added that many influential leaders in PDL such as former Interior minister Blaga or the "Presidential paramour" Elena Udrea ( note: it is not clear whether the characterizations are made by Georgian Pop or the US Embassy), former Bucharest mayor Adrian Videanu and deputy President of PDL Negoita – all had corruption cases to hide.

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