In US Embassy cable dated 2006, US Embassy representatives report on FBI director Robert Muller’s visit to Romania. In a meeting with him, the President is quoted in the Wikileaks cable - as reported on the Romanian version of - as saying that he would like to extend relations with the FBI and underlining that he would like to see FBI’s presence in Romania as robust as the CIA’s.

The cable also mentions the meetings FBI director had with Romanian Intelligence Service director George Maior and Romania’s Foreign Intelligence Service director Claudiu Saftoiu. The two tackled issues about Russia’s influence and interests in Romania.

The cable, as reported on, reads that President Basescu pleaded for a continuation of trainings on law implementation. The cable mentions that PM Tariceanu was surprised to find out from Muller that 90% of e-Bay frauds originate in Romania.

Read the info from the cable on the Romanian version of HotNews.rohere.